Every year the BHS Music Department honors its graduating seniors with eight scholarships, sponsored by POMS (two each for vocal, band, and orchestra; one Spirit award and one memorial award). The scholarships are traditionally awarded at the final spring concert for each ensemble.

Keith Phinney Vocal Award

This scholarship is in honor of Keith Phinney, who was the first Program Director of Music here in Bedford. He held the position for over 25 years until his retirement in June 1988. Mr. Phinney’s vision of what a music program should be, and his work and devotion to make that vision a reality, laid the foundation for the music program that Bedford enjoys today. His efforts to gather support from parents and the community set the tone for the support that has continued over the years. This award is given for outstanding contribution to the choral program.

William Toland Band Award

This scholarship is in honor and memory of Bill Toland, BHS band director in the1960s, ’70s, and early ’80s. Mr. Toland was a dynamic and well-respected music educator who led a strong program here in Bedford, teaching concert band, jazz band, and marching band. This award is given for outstanding contribution to band.

Phil Maffa Orchestra Award

This scholarship was recently renamed to honor the over 20 years of service and commitment Phil Maffa made to building the orchestra program here in Bedford. He raised generations of string players from the mid-1990s until his retirement in 2016. This award goes to recognize the students who make outstanding contributions to the orchestral ensembles.

Barry Low “Spirit” Award

The Barry Low Spirit Award was created upon Mr. Low’s retirement in 2006, to honor his 18 years as Program Director of the Music Department. This award is to recognize not only his contribution and legacy, but also more importantly to remember his enthusiasm and devotion to the students. This award is given to a student who has shown “spirit” in the performing art of music and theater, and to recognize their enthusiasm and dedication, either on stage, in the pit orchestra, or through backstage support.

The C. Emerson Fox Memorial Award

C. Emerson Fox was a longtime resident of Bedford. He was an accomplished pianist and a strong supporter of the Bedford Public School Music Department, making sizable donations to the music program for many years. We remember his kindness and honor his memory with this scholarship in his name.


Recent Award Recipients




Keith Phinney

William Toland

Phil Maffa

Barry Low

C. Emerson Fox


  • Wendy Lin
  • Anoush Arakelian
  • Chris Bridgeman
  • Shreyas Ravi
  • Aileen McGrory
  • Evan Marshall
  • Valerie Whiteneck


  • Jessica Doucette
  • Victoria Waldron
  • Kaitlyn Friden
  • Hilary Belanger
  • Michael Marino
  • Kaitlyn Crockett
  • Jeremy Poe


  • Jessuly McCabe
  • Michael Lee
  • Zana Khoury
  • James Kuo
  • Eileen Goodrich
  • Sarah Iwany
  • Nicholas Vafiades


  • Sevan Dulgarian
  • Jennie Segal
  • Mark Dunlea
  • Mark Bowers
  • Sarah Cowles
  • David Silbert
  • Ben Knicely
  • Josh Yannix
  • James Burnett
  • Eric Tate
  • Alisa Granada


  • Catherine Donato
  • Demetra Green
  • Michaela Simoneau
  • Marlena Simoneau
  • Christopher Ng
  • Remy Nikka
  • Joe Neveux
  • Rebecca Klein


  • Deanna Lobo
  • Linda Bittenson
  • Brad Hegarty
  • Hayley Scanlon


  • Caitlen Epperson
  • Rebecca Kelly-Bowditch
  • Tommy Linden
  • Marko Deperalto
  • Malcom Hubbard
  • Yorgo Kenos
  • Chris Bowers
  • Allen Zhou


  • Chloe DeMello
  • Natalie Lewis
  • Ben Krusemark
  • Garsche Roble
  • Sungyu Han
  • Kieran Binney
  • John Coyne
  • Aaron Hamilton


  • Julia Doucet
  • Christina Solitro
  • Alex Horton
  • Harry Yuan
  • Shivani Agrappan
  • Emi McSwain
  • Seda Korroch
  • Fionna Zhang


  • Charlie Anderson
  • Isabelle Gitlin
  • Julia Simoneau
  • Megan Knoedler
  • Andrew Ha
  • Nathaniel Kang
  • Aidan Duncan
  • Eran Zelixon


  • Talitha Dantas
  • Ellie Hernandez
  • Thomas Griffin
  • Nicole Hebert
  • Christina Benson
  • Alan Wang
  • Joleen Ricci
  • Claire Siegler


  • Jillian Guetersloh
  • TJ Zovko
  • Vincent Canciello
  • Ryan Boblett
  • Tsoline Gevorkian
  • Alethia Chan
  • Aidan Crotty
  • Isabel Hon-Anderson


  • Heather Anderson
  • Maddie McAllister
  • Ariana Hovnanian
  • Colin O’Toole
  • Olivia Evans
  • Ethan Lee
  • Alex Doherty
  • Mary Stewart


  • Quinn Camborde Turner
  • Rachel Gould
  • Parker Anderson-LaPorte
  • Katherine Morrow
  • Ethan Erawan
  • Connor McClung
  • Eric Zhang
  • Erika Falco


  • Jacob Choi
  • Evan Kelly
  • Rei Brown
  • Alex Mattson
  • Caroline Liu
  • Ryan Touri
  • Cate Galante
  • Emily Zhu